How To Be Consistent - (The One Key To Consistency)

How To Be More Consistent


Self-achievement is a major key to feeling good about yourself, and I doubt you wouldn’t turn down overnight success if it was handed to them on a plate?

But hopefully, you have been around long enough to know life doesn’t work this way?

Nothing worth achieving can be done with little effort…

Or even a one-off dramatic action!

Think about it! Because it literally applies to anything…

Whether you want a good relationship, healthy body, success in your education or career…

The list goes on!

It doesn’t happen in a short period of time.

It’s a lot of effort, broken down into small bite-size chunks that are executed regularly.

Most often day in, day out…

Impatience vs Consistency?

You wanted results yesterday! God, I’m as bad as anyone else….

I want the financial freedom of Bill Gates, the body of a ‘Greek God’ and to be walking down the aisle with a ‘Victoria Secrets’ model with minimal to no effort.

But it ain’t gonna happen!

I learned this a long time ago and have found out consistency is the key to any success.

You could change the goal, but consistency would still be why you did or didn’t achieve it.

Even if that goal was to become a slob and do nothing…

Then you’d have to be consistently lazy and useless!

Not the best goal to have when trying to grow in self-development and success.

But to achieve it, consistency still plays the starring role.

How To Be Consistent In Life?

You have to do the things that serve your life whether you feel like it. Plain and simple!

Therefore the key is discipline and focus…

No one wants to hear that! Do You?

Here’s the thing! Your actions don’t need to be perfect at all…

Imperfect consistency will get you there! You just need to be consistent.


Most people want the magic pill or the magical motivational fairy to sprinkle some special action taking dust on them…

And from there it’s automatic!

In reality, it’s massive action applied day in day out.

It barely looks like any progress at all on a micro level.

It’s you moving the needle 0.1 percent but doing it again and again and again…

The majority of people won’t do it and therefore the majority of people won’t be successful!

Motivation is like a free lunch.

If it comes along enjoy it! But don’t bank on that free lunch coming along everyday otherwise you’ll be going hungry compadre!

Flow State:

The flow state is similar to motivation and is also described as being in the zone.

 “It’s the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity”

In an ideal world, this is where you would live on the path to mastery…

Again, most people want to feel the flow state before they take action.

In reality, the flow state is obtained from taking action!

Waiting for motivation or a flow state to engulf you is futile!

Go out there and make the flow state happen but getting rubber on the road.

Staying The Course?

All too often in life, you’ll throw in the towel after barely getting the wheels turning.

That’s even if you got that far?

We live in a world of instant gratification, where you can have what we want so much faster than any other period of time.

I’m not making an argument about whether this is good or bad.

That’s down to you to decide for yourself?

But I can see a correlation between being able to have what we want at the touch of a button, and not wanting to dig deep and work hard for achievement.

Staying the course is going to require a mix of both mental and physical strength.

An acceptance that life will never be easy a mindset you’ll want to cultivate.

If you hope it will be plain sailing you’ll be in for a rude awakening 🙁

Once you accept the path to success will be a struggle at times you’re ahead of the masses.

Instead of freaking out when everything doesn’t go exactly to plan.

You can keep executing even when the odds are stacked against you because you know it’s all about the long game…

Losing Weight & Body Fat?

Take 38-year-old Amy for example.

After a long overdue checkup with her GP, she’s been told she needs to lose 25 pounds to bring her ‘Body Mass Index’ back to the normal range.

She hasn’t been happy with her body for years and knows the extra weight is also contributing to health complications.

This is the push she needed to shed those pounds and get that figure back.

She’s googled “Fat Loss Fast” and comes across an article titled…

“Lose Half Your Bodyweight In 21 Days By Drinking Only Lemon Water!!!!”

She’s decided this will be her plan of action, and she can’t wait for the next 3 weeks to whiz by.

Too good to be true???? Ehhhhh YEA!!!!!

Amy didn’t put on 25 pounds in 3 weeks and she sure isn’t going to lose it in 3 either.

Well not if she wants to lose it properly in a healthy, sustainable and not so hideously unrestrictive fashion.

Even if she did make a big dent in that 25 pounds she needs to shift, it would most likely be muscle, water, and just a little fat.

She’d then gain it all back after going back to her old ways.

A Realistic Timeframe:

I would personally set a timeline for her of 20-24 weeks, which would still see some ups and downs along the way.

That would yield a healthy rate of fat loss where lean tissue could be retained. She could then sustain it easily once the goal weight or composition is achieved.

It might take her a little less, maybe a little longer.

But we want to do it in a sustainable manner that will cross over to long-term success.

Most peeps don’t want to wait 5 minutes these days, never mind 5 months.

Think Long Term:

After studying successful people on every level including athletes, celebs or business people they all have a common thread…

They are disciplined and they execute day in day out!

That is the magic pill to success…

Discipline + Action  = Success

Motivation does NOT play a part in it!

However, they are feeling they do what they have to do!

For me, that involves making a list the night before and then doing what’s on that list until everything is crossed off.

No negotiations, no slacking off but massive action every day!

You will get re-routed at times. Having a strong WHY is also important to when things get gritty.


Be consistent and stick the course even when the road becomes bumpy.

Nothing ever goes perfectly according to plan.

But if you have the goal set out, the grit to follow through and keep taking consistent action then it’s only a matter of time before you manifest results.

Keep chipping away folks:)

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