Eat Out and Get Lean! (How To Eat Anywhere & Still Lose Fat)

Eat Out and Get Lean! (How To Eat Anywhere & Still Lose Fat)

Eat Out And Get Lean!

Wanna have a social life and not get fat? Read on my friend.

When on a diet and trying to lose weight most people think you have to be “eating clean” 24/7 and only have home cooked meals.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and this type of mindset and approach normally sets you up for failure with a capital F.

No one can just stick to this forever so be more realistic with dieting!

Ya see, it doesn’t matter how great the potential results of any diet are!

If you can’t stick to it, it’s useless!

Restrictive and boring diets never last for the obvious reasons…

Me after being told you have to only eat meat and veggies to get lean!

Who wants to never eat out and be social?

Who wants to be doing boring never ending meal preps?

Who wants to be looking at a plate of dry chicken and broccoli for the 7th time in a week?

Nobody that’s who!

Real success is getting results in the easiest way possible that allows you to enjoy the process!

Pizza and fat loss don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Not have to wait for the destination to be happy!

That amiga is a flexible diet and involves tracking your food in line with your goals.

How To Really Get Lean:

Calorie Deficit-(The Big Picture)

Losing weight, shedding body fat or getting lean…Call it what you want!

The result you’re after requires you to reduce the amount of food i.e calories you’re consuming.

This is known as a calorie deficit.

Only then can your body start to tap into your fat stores and use them for energy.

And that’s where the magic happens! Fat loss baby!

Don’t get it twisted though! This doesn’t mean juice fasts, diet shakes or crappy crash diets 🙁

In fact, learning the truth about calories and how much you need gives you the most flexibility and fun in your diet, and still make progress 🙂

Macros- (The Next Level)

Calories map out the amount of food and therefore energy you need.

Next comes your macronutrients AKA: macros protein, fat and carbohydrates!

Macros are what matter in fat loss!

They make up all the calories you consume and you want to have a good amount of each macro for optimal success.

Protein to help you maintain or build muscle. (Yes ladies you need muscle too. Being toned is muscle)

Fat will aid good hormone function.

Carbs are needed for energy production and recovery from strenuous activity.



As all foods contain caloires and macros this means any food can help or hinder your weight loss results.

That’s awesome news because that means you can now have a flexible diet.

Factor in foods you enjoy and also eat out as long as you know the nutritional value of the meal or dish.

Instead of judging food as good or bad, see they all contain calories and can help or halt fat loss!

Tracking macros gives you the freedom and flexibility to eat any food, at anytime!

No more living out of Tupperware boxes and eating boring pre-prepared food to get lean

Although the OCD part of me likes the look of this can you do it long term? Get Real!!!

As along as you hit your macro targets for the day, the food source is irrelevant!

And in this day and age with lots of nutritional content online, fast food is most defiantly back on the menu.

So here are my top 5 fast food places that I eat from, including the links to their nutritional information.

I also suggest a tasty macro friendly recommendation from the menu, aren’t I the best!???




Chipotle: Nutriton Calculator

Who doesn’t enjoy tasty Mexican food? This chain does huge burritos and burrito bowls along with a host of other goodies.

My Suggestion:  Burrito Bowl with chicken, rice, black beans, cheese and tons of veggies!

It’s filling, gives you a good hit of all the macros and tastes great too. Add Tabasco sauce for extra spice!

Protein: 49g  Carbs: 62g  Fat: 19g


Subway: Nutrition Calculator:

Quick, easy and probably the easiest way to hit your macros on the go!

My Suggestion: 12” Turkey Breast Subway with cheese and all the veg you can get in!

High in carbs but will fill you up for ages. If you can’t manage a foot long just get a 6 inch and halve the macros. Boom!

Protein: 38g  Carbs: 98g  Fat: 15g

Pizza Express:




Pizza Express:  Their nutritional breakdown is on a downloadable PDF so go HERE and hit download:)

I dunno about you but pizza is a fav of mine and eliminating it from my diet was never an option!

So I never did and get to enjoy it and stay lean:)

My Suggestion:  American Hot Classic Pizza

Protein: 41g  Carbs: 91g  Fat: 33g

Another food hack is if I go to a pizza restaurant without nutritional info, and they have a similar pizza to the ‘American Hot’, then I will just use the macros from Pizza Express.

Might not be spot on but will be in the ball park, and that consistency will keep you on track.




Itsu:  Menu and Nutritional Info

Delicious Japanese fast food with an array of choices from salads to sushi, and everything else in between.

My Suggestion: Classic Chicken Noodle Soup

Protein: 16g  Carbs: 25g  Fat: 9g

(Macros are so good on this you could get away with 2 of these
..hhmmm yes please!)

Pret A Manger:


Pret A Manger: Menu and Nutritional Info

Pret have the calories & macros displayed on every item in their stores, so are ahead of the game and get a big thumbs up from me.

Again they have a million and one things to choose from, but for me a few things really stand out.

My suggestion no 1: Cracking Egg Salad Sandwich

Protein: 19g  Carbs: 49g  Fat: 10g

My suggestion no 2: Egg & Spinach Protein Pot

Protein: 11g  Carbs: 2.4g  Fat: 5.2g

As Pret have all their info on display have whatever you want! As long as it fits your macros for the day its all gravy baby!

Eating tasty fast food and dropping body fat. Heaven ain’t hard to find!!!!



Above are more fast food options but in reality you can eat anywhere and any food.

As long as you roughly know the nutritional content of the dish you’re good.

But don’t get it twisted either!

It doesn’t mean you have to become obsessed or a food nazi either that can never enjoy a meal out or snack that wasn’t logged.

#FOODPOLICE Don’t become like this for goodness sake! 😛

If you’re eating the right amount of calories and macros for your body the majority of the time you will be fine.

One meal, day or even week off tracking ain’t gonna derail you.

That’s the beauty of having a flexible diet!

Track yo macros, live like a normal human being and smile often:)

Let me know your fav place to eat and still hit your numbers in the comments below!

Your Coach Matt!

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