How To Lose Belly Fat (The Ultimate 3 Step Guide)

How To Lose Belly Fat (The Ultimate 3 Step Guide)

How To Lose Belly Fat-

My guess is you’re here because you’re desperate to find out how to lose belly fat? If you’re at you wits end then I don’t blame you! There is so much conflicting advice out there it’s enough to make you go ga-ga 🙁

While hitting the googles to see what information lay on the web I came across crappy article, after crappy article giving advice so weak it infuriated me!

Angry man about belly fat BS fat loss advice

Me when I see BS fat loss advice! That’s not actually me obvs 😛

Tips like… “Drink a glass of water on rising” or “Add berries into your diet” don’t bloody cut it I’m afraid! You need tangible tools and steps that will deliver real world results that you can maintain for life!

I guess it’s down to “ya boy” Matty to straighten this twisted topic out and in this article we’re going to get into exactly how to lose belly fat once and for all.

Flexing with low belly fat

Who Dis? This is actually me 😛

We’re going to cover the only 3 steps you need to burn dat belly…

1. The Correct Nutrition To Burn Belly Fat:

If you’ve been told time again and time again you need to eat “this” but not “that to lose belly fat I’m sure you’ve avoided, or at least tried to avoid certain foods throughout the years. Everywhere you look someone will be pointing the finger at ‘Refined Sugar’, ‘Trans Fats’ or even ‘Fruit’ for goodness sake!

Well, the good news is none of these are intrinsically making you store belly fat. The bad news is they might be contributing to it in one way or another. Ya see, there are no good or bad foods in reality!

“What The F***!!!” What about pizza???”

All foods contain calories so all foods can contribute to you storing body fat and be adding to a more rotund midriff. If you’re eating in a calorie surplus which is more calories than your body needs you’re storing belly fat. Period!

All foods have calories and can make you store belly fat

None of this is “good” nor “bad”. Just calories baby!

This is where so many people go wrong when trying to attack belly fat or a body fat in general. They say they’re going to “Eat Clean” thinking this is the be all end all.

If you started “Eating clean” and saw weight and fat loss results it’s only because you created a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is the only thing that matters when it comes to losing weight and body fat. More calories going out, than coming in!

It doesn’t matter where those calories are coming from. Yes! Even “Clean foods” can make you fat! Instead of stressing to much about the exact food source you need to focus on the amount of food you’re consuming.

Clean foods can still make you store belly fat

Yes! This could make you fat if you’re over consuming.

That actually means there are NO “Best foods to burn belly fat”!

“It’s the amount of food you’re consuming not the actual food source that is making you fat”

Now, I’m also not saying eat junk as long as it’s within your calorie deficit number! You want to try to get 80% of your food from whole natural sources and then you can factor in 20% of whatever you like.

You also need to divide the calorie deficit number into macronutrients to get the best results. This means you’ll need a good amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Check out my blog post which is THE EPIC be all, end all guide on macronutrients and why you need to track them HERE.

If you follow a calorie deficit, with a good ratio of macronutrients, AKA macros you will lose belly fat.

Oh, and on a kinda important side note when you lose body fat in a calorie deficit you lose it from everywhere.

No food, or even calorie deficit number is going to just target the belly. Fat will come off from everywhere and that includes your tum.

So instead of thinking you want to burn belly fat, focus on just burning fat!

Calorie deficit is king here and that ain’t changing because it’s plain old science! Have a look HERE if you want some proof:)

2. The Best Exercise To Burn Belly Fat?

Have you been doing 8000 crunches a day trying to tone that tum recently? Unfortunately you’re wasting your time my friend. Your abs are there but they’re covered by a layer of fat and it doesn’t matter how many sit ups, planks or ‘tummy toning’ circuits you follow on Youtube it ain’t making a dent in that podge!

Women with low belly fat

You ain’t looking like her by doing some little 5 minute “Ab Burner” routine. Soz to break it to ya 🙁

You already know it’s all about the calorie deficit when it comes to nutrition, so unless you address that first don’t even think about exercise to burn that belly away.

Once you have accepted it’s all about those calories we can address what ya should be doing in the workout department. On any google search for ‘best exercises for fat loss ’ will reveal a plethora of different ways to target the belly fat and melt it fast!

Unfortunately it’s lies, all lies! No one exercise is superior at targeting the belly!

“Damn! Why??”

Because we can’t spot reduce fat from a certain area. When we lose body fat it is taken from all over the body and not from one specific place.

Now this normally comes with another problem. The classic question of…

“What’s the best cardio to burn fat then?”

And that’s where most peeps get it twisted!!! The best exercise to do is resistance training when trying to burn any fat including ya belly.

You want to maintain muscle tone and you do this through putting your muscles through resistance either with weights or using your own bodyweight.

Women lunging with low belly fat

Go get it gurl!

Cardio can be used as a supplement to expend some extra calories but to rely on it as the main mode would be a mistake. Too much cardio could see you burn away muscle which is the last thing you want to do. That would equal skinny fat! No bueno!

a lot of belly fat

Skinny with no muscle tone but high body fat? No thanks!

You want to maintain the muscle you have and burn body fat.

This is done with a sensible calorie deficit, a good ratio of macronutrients and a solid resistance training program that will see you training at least 3 times per week.

Do the above and you can say bye bye belly fat without spinning your wheels. Pun intended 😛

3. Fat Loss Timeframe?

If you want that belly gone in 2 weeks then you’re in the wrong place and I’d suggest you look at some idiots like “”.

There are plenty of scammers, liars and charlatans out there telling you how you can lose that belly and half ya bodyweight in a week or two but in reality the only thing that’s getting lighter is your bank balance.


If this doesn’t get the warning bells ringing you need help!

I’m here to tell the truth! If you’re serious about losing body fat including that belly than you must implement the steps already outlined and then be consistent. Consistency is key to achieving anything in life and if you want the quick fix you’re not alone because so does everyone else, but either accept you won’t be burning any body fat in lighting speed and put in the work to get the job done. Read my BLOG post on consistency here:)

The thing is when you get your calorie deficit and training in order you’ll start to see results within the first week or two. This doesn’t mean you’re at the finish line. But it does mean you’re on the path to it. There’s a difference!

Be the Tortoise not the Hare! We all wanted the model body, millions in the bank and the perfect partner yesterday. But that’s fantasy!

It’s going to require some hard work, consistency and a bit of grit!

“But how long though?”

A sensible rate of weight loss will look like 1-2lbs per week on the scale. Maybe a little more in the first few weeks but should smooth out to a steady 1-2lbs over time if everything is in order.

You should also be doing hip and waist measurements once every 2 weeks. If these are decreasing this is indicative of fat loss.

Waist measurements to see decreases in belly fat

Last but not least should see you take photos once a month. This is another great way to measure progress. Da camera don’t lie!

In regards to exact times I won’t outline anything in stone as we’re all different. If you’re serious about changing your body I suggest you do the above steps because the time will pass anyway! The sooner you start the sooner you get there:)

Before and after with much less belly fat


Q:Do fat burners help burn belly fat?

A: Nope! Apart from making you feel anxious and shitty! Ditch this rubbish, save your money and focus on a calorie deficit and if you miss feeling paranoid from fat burners then neck a few black coffees.

Q: Stress and belly fat?

A: Studies have shown high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) and belly fat have been linked. CLICK HERE to see the science-y shiz…

My top tips for dealing with stress are…

1. Get at least 7 hours sleep per night

2. Learn to meditate for at least 10-15 minutes a day

3. Start giving zero or less fucks 🙂

Q: Can Intermittent Fasting help to burn belly fat?

A: IF makes eating in a calorie deficit easier due to a shorter eating window. In this sense by making the deficit easier it can add to adherence which will in turn will help you burn more fat over time. That being said if you are not in a deficit and over eating in your feeding window you’re storing fat and IF can’t do a damn thing to help that.


Let’s wrap her up:

To burn body fat which in turn will see you burn belly fat you need to be in a calorie deficit and tracking your macros. When in conjunction with a good resistance training program results will come and start to be evident quickly. This is the powerhouse to burn fat, get lean and be in total control of your body.


Peace out 🙂

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