How To Lose Weight Fast - (The Most Effective Method)

How To Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight Fast:

‘How To Lose Weight Fast’ is one of the most searched phases on google and it says a few things about what we want…

Obviously to lose weight, and make it pronto!

Whether it’s a holiday around the corner or a big night out next weekend it’s irrelevant.

We want it and we want it NOW!

We all want fast weight loss

There’s a plethora on info on how to do this and most of it is very questionable and some of it is down right stupidity.

Yup! I get it that we all wanted the weight off yesterday…

But, unless you’re athlete that has to make a weight class in the very near future?

Following a lot of the inter-webs advice isn’t going to be fun or probably even helpful at all!

Athletes are the only people that need fast weight loss

Is this you? Probably NOT!

In this article we’re going to get into ‘How to actually lose weight’, how fast you can do it properly and a few other important topics that will stand you in good stead for your weight loss journey.

How To Lose Weight?

Before we even get into the details of the fast track approach let’s touch on how to lose weight in general.

The crux of it is calories in vs calories out.

When you take in less calories than you need to maintain your current body composition this is known as being in a calorie deficit.

Do this with consistency and hey presto weight loss will occur.

That’s plain old science though. Less going in, than going out as shown HERE!

To some this may sound too simple, to others this may not sound true!!!

Many still think eating certain “Clean” or “Healthy” foods is the way to drop weight but it ain’t true!

Clean foods are not the be all end all for weight loss

Over eat these and you’re still storing body fat!

All foods contain calories so any food can help or hinder weight loss.

It would also be clever to learn about macronutrients as these are what make up all the calories you eat.

The bottom line is that it boils down to calories when changing your body in any way including weight loss.

Until you accept this you’re approaching the whole game blind!

Crash Diets and Quick Fixes:

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean losing body fat. Especially when trying to do it at rapid speed!

You need to be aware that if you wanted to drop 10 pounds in 10 days and you actually achieved it, that would NOT be 10 pounds of fat.

It would be mostly water, glycogen (stored energy in the body) and maybe even muscle. Not Cool!

Fad diets promise the moon on a stick in record time, but never deliver more than a slight bit of short term progress.

Below are a few fad approaches that the masses still flock too time and time again when looking for a quick fix:


So we all know carbs are evil right? Eat them and you just pile on the pounds?


Carbs are a macronutrient that our body converts to energy AKA: glucose and glycogen.

There is nothing inherently wrong with them and they do not cause weight gain automatcailly.

Eating more calories than you need is the culprit for weight gain and this is known as being in a calorie surplus!

Carbs are not the enemy when it comes to weight loss

These aren’t making you fat. Over-eating is!

So let’s clarify this again to be crystal clear… Carbs are not the perpetrator here, but over eating is!

Read my in-depth article on ‘The Low Carb Diet’

“Hang on a minute! I cut carbs for a week and dropped some weight fast so what are you on about?”

Well by cutting carbs will see you depleted your energy (glycogen) stores.

As each gram of glycogen holds on to around 2-3g of water that went too.

So you lost some glycogen and water and had a little dip on the scale…

Big deal! None of that was body fat and btw how long did you keep it up for??

Oh as I thought not long and what was that…???

You gained all the weight back as soon as you went back to eating normally!

Crash dieting will see your weight loss bounce back

Damn you crash dieting!

So lemme get this straight…

-Cutting carbs got some short term scale loss which was just water…

-You had no energy while doing it and you gained it all back and more when you jacked it in?

Hardly a result worth writing home about:(

Carbs don’t need to be cut out but portion controlled like all foods. Plain and simple!

Juice Fasts:

This is the best way to burn through some precious lean muscle 🙁

In a fat loss phase holding on to muscle is a primary concern. This is done by having a good amount of protein and calories!

Giving the body just liquids might see a few pounds shift over the next few days but again this ain’t body fat my friend.

Water, glycogen and possibly muscle which is a recipe to end up skinny fat.  I’ve never met anyone who is after that look!

You wanna be lean, toned and sexy and living on liquids and pressed juices get the opposite result!

Don’t be mislead that because a juice fast might give you a big hit of vitamins and micronutrients this will burn body fat.

Vitamins and micros are needed by the body but have zero affect on you losing weight and burning body fat!

Juice fasting for weight loss?

Waste of Yo money!

“The 7 day weight loss juice cleanse” might sound like the fast track to your beach bod, but in reality it’s the fast track to a lower bank balance and less muscle tone.

Avoid like the plague!

A Super Low Calorie Diet:

Cutting your calories in half or to ridiculously low numbers again will see you say bye bye to muscle.

I’ve lost count how many women have msg’ed me and asked “Is it a good idea to live on 500 calories a day?”

NO! It’s unsustainable, will leave you weak as a kitten and any quick scale drop won’t be body fat.

Reducing your calories is needed for weight loss. But not to obscenely low numbers!

Starving yourself for weight loss is never advised

This looks nice 😛

Fad Diet Sum Up!

None of these or any other fad diet is gonna sky rocket your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning furnace.

In the next few paragraphs you’ll find the real key to proper weight loss in the fasted way:)

How To Really Lose Weight Fast?

As stated above losing weight and body fat requires a calorie deficit.

When you are consuming less calories than you need your body is forced to use its fat stores to make up the difference.

This is only effective way to lose body fat and therefore weight.

You want to be losing body fat when attacking weight loss

So, if you’re still expecting me to give you the be all end all magic bullet for weight loss this is as good as it gets!

If it’s not the quick fix you’re looking for you can stop reading and leave now 🙂

I’m here to give safe and effective ways to lose body weight and fat and some 10 day honey and water diet is not the way to do it!

That being said there are ways you can speed up weight and fat loss safely so if that’s yo thang keep reading.

The Calorie Deficit:

For most people being in a 10-15% deficit of their calorie maintenance would be a good place to start. This would see a slow to moderate speed of weight loss.

As an example let’s look at someone who needs 2500 calories a day to maintain their current body composition and is in a deficit of 15%

2500 / 100 = 25

25 x 15 = 375

2500 – 375 = 2125

They would need to consume 2125 calories a day to be in the 15% calorie deficit.

This would see around 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week in conjunction with a good exercise program.

Agressive Calorie Deficit:

To speed things up for faster weight loss you’d just make the deficit bigger.

Here I would recommend about 20-25% below the calorie maintenance number.

Again using the same example above but with a 25% deficit would look like this:

2500 / 100 = 25

25 x 25 = 625

2500 – 625 = 1875

Consuming 1875 a day would speed up weight loss and see 2-3+ pounds of weight loss per week in conjunction with a good exercise program.

The bottom line is the bigger the deficit the faster the weight loss but there is a caveat here.

You can’t just keep dropping calories as you’d sacrifice muscle, energy levels and all round performance.

So to lose weight faster I’d recommend being more aggressive and cutting up to 25% from your calorie maintenance number.

Anymore than a 30% calorie deficit would have negative side effects!

Weight Loss Supplements To Lose Weight Fast?

The supplement Industry has the majority of people tripping over themselves to buy diet pills, fat loss shakes and some useless skinny tea or coffee.

We love a quick fix and hate hard work and this shady industry hits all our hot buttons with their marketing.

Let me give it to you straight! All this crap has literally zero effect on your weight loss!

If your nutrition is not dialled in properly then forget about everything else including any weight loss supplement.

Even if one certain thing has been shown to increase your metabolism it’s probably by 0.000001 percent so it can be written off as negligible.

Save your money and focus on what matters! Calories and exercise which we’ll get to in the next paragraph…

Exercise To Lose Weight Fast?


Getting moving is a great way to expend calories but it’s easy to think that doing one mode over another is magic. It’s not!

For decades cardio has been everyone’s go to exercise to burn some calories and get the scales sliding the south.

The issue with this is you’re at risk of burning through precious muscle instead of body fat especially when you’re in an aggressive calorie deficit.

So this makes cardio way down the list on what to do when wanting to lean up properly!

Hitting 10’000 steps a day is an easy way to burn calories without killing your energy or losing any lean tissue.

Weight Training:

This is where we really get the best return on our investment when trying to shed some pounds.

Ya see, we want to hold on to our muscle and burn the body fat. That equals a lean athletic bod!

When you combine a calorie deficit with weight training you get just that!

Weight training is a staple for weight loss

Build dat booty Yo!

The deficit of calories will take care of the fat loss, while the weight training will signal to our body to hold on to it’s existing muscle as it’s being used for regular activity.

You’ll also burn calories when lifting weights but that’s not what were doing it for primarily.

With this approach you’ll get lean and toned, instead of skinny fat and soft.

I’m pretty sure you’re after the former so take note:)


Trying to shed 10 pounds in a week or anything similar is asking for trouble.

The likely outcome is shooting yourself in the foot!

To lose weight faster follow the above advice and implement a more aggressive calorie deficit, in conjunction with a good resistance training program.

Do that and you’ll see results quickly!

Work hard, stay safe and good luck.

Your coach Matty:)

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