5 Must Do Exercises - (To Get Lean, Toned and Strong)

5 Must Do Exercises (To Get Lean & Toned)

5 Must Do Exercises-

So by now hopefully you know that strength and resistance training is one half and a main key to getting that lean, toned body!

Obviously you need to be addressing your nutrition first when it comes to weight loss!

If not ya need to educate yo’self on calories, macronutrients and what is the real deal when it comes to taking control of your nutrition.

The other part of the puzzle is how you’re keeping active and what you’re doing in the gym…

But with so many exercises to choose from where do you begin?

It can seem overwhelming!! May as well just stick to the elliptical machine right??

Just NO! You won’t look like her from just doing this…

Don’t you DARE!!!

I’m gonna drop it like it’s hot on my fav compound movements that everyone from ya bestie to your gran should be doing!

Compound exercises give you more bang for your buck, and work a multitude of muscle groups unlike an isolation exercise.

An example of an isolation exercise would be a bicep curl.

They only hit the biceps believe it or not!

An isolation exercise. Not your first port of call for weight loss!

It doesn’t mean we disregard isolation or accessory work, but compounds always come first.

Compound movements when done correctly will give you a strong healthy frame along with many other benefits.

These intense exercises will also see you release more Human Growth Hormone in the body.

This aids burning fat, building lean tissue and keeps you looking young!

Let’s not beat around the bush…Most peeps would like to look something like this!

Doing these exercises in the 8-12 rep range with a weight you find challenging will make you stronger, fitter and leaner.

So here are my top 5 compounds both guys and gals should be busting out in the gym.

The Squat:



Often referred to as the king of exercises! This one should be a staple in your training program.

We all know that it will hit the legs hard, but this one also torches the abs and back too.

Do whatever variation you like! I myself love to get the bar on my back, and then drop ass to grass.

If you’re a noobie then just use your bodyweight, but as you get stronger and more conditioned add weight!

The Pull Up:

The majority of peeps try to avoid this as it can be difficult to lift your bodyweight against gravity.

Ignore them and get hanging from that bar!!

This will give you the back you always wanted! Arms get worked hard too along with the abs.

If you can’t do any without help, then try the assisted variation that uses a resistance band as shown in the video.

The Dead-Lift:


I have lost count how many times people have told me…

“I avoid the deadlift because I have a bad back”

This really grinds my gears!

Most of the time the reason they have a bad back is because they’re weak and need more strength….

Meaning they should be doing it more than ever!!

Of course proper form is paramount, but when done properly this hits nearly every muscle in the body.

Just don’t send me hate mail when your aching in the hamstrings and bum after a good dead-lifting sesh!

It’s a good ache anyways and will help with that peachy rear you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

Add this posterior chain blaster in and don’t look back. It’s also a great ab and core torcher!

If this bad boy is new to you then start with just the bar, or light dumbbells.

As you progress and get more comfortable then start to increase the weight!

The Bench Press:


Pressing weight while lying on your back should only be done by Arnold and his mates right??


By everyone…even females!!!

Bench pressing with either the bar or dumbbells is a great exercise for the chest, shoulders and triceps.

Start light and don’t flare your elbows by keeping them close to your body.

This will keep your shoulders in a stronger position, and decrease the chance of injury.

You can do it flat, or on an incline which hits the upper chest more.

Do whatever  variation you like, just do some 🙂

Press ups are also a good bodyweight alternative if you can’t get to the gym!

The Lunge:


These little rascals will have you walking funny but looking pretty!

A great single leg movement that also require the core and back muscles for stabilisation.

I like grabbing some dumbbells and doing the walking lunge variation.

You can do it with your bodyweight if you’re trying these for the first time.

I also suggest the reverse lunge for the ladies that want to shape and tone dat booty as this will blast the glutes even harder!



There you have it!

5 big hitters that will give you a great return on your investment.

Obviously there is a plethora of other great compound and isolation exercises out there, but making sure you have these in your program will take you a long way.

Be a student for life, keep learning and constantly testing yourself:)

Resistance training goes way beyond just looking good and has reams of positive benefits.

Get 3-4 weights based sessions in a week and you’re winning!

Let me know your fav exercises?

Hit share if you think someone needs to read this!

Keep working hard!


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