10 Top Tips To Get Lean & Be Happy - (The Ultimate Guide)

10 Top Tips To Get Lean (& Be Happy:)

10 Top Tips To Get Lean-

There is never a time that you can’t make some sort of progress in your health, your fitness and your body regardless of age.

Whether that’s lose weight, add muscle or hit a performance goal it’s awesome to have targets to strive for…

And then go out there and smash them!

Go on get after it!

In this article I’m going to get into my 10 top tips to get lean, be healthy and also happy 🙂

Now before I get going be warned this isn’t some fluffy buzz-feed or pop-sugar article.

This is NOT one of those “ **insert exotic spice** into your meals and you’ll burn fat and super charge your metabolism 24/7” while you also still neck half a bottle of wine a night posts!

Shut up! You don’t need these to burn fat!

That’s fantasy and ain’t nobody getting the bod they want from that crappy BS which is about as useful as puke on a page!

If you want to lose weight and drop body fat you need know it’s about tracking your food in line with your goal.

That means being knowledgable or at least aware of calories and macronutrients.

You’ll also be doing yourself a big favour if you’re doing some type of resistance training too!

Doing some of this is wise:)

Now if calories, macros and resistance training sound like double dutch go read those articles first because that is the BIG picture in fat loss!

But once you’ve got those areas covered and you implement these next 10 tips you’ll be an unstoppable force and results are guaranteed.

The system works if YOU work the system!

Let’s get all up in the info 😛

1. Hydration- get guzzling

Every cell of your body requires water to function properly.

If your cells aren’t doing their job properly nothing is running optimally including burning fat, metabolising nutrients and recovering from training.

Obligatory stock image of water looking enticing 😛

Daily quotas to shoot for would be…

Men: 3-3.5 liters

Women: 2-3 liters

I’d advise necking between half to a full litre upon waking and then taking the rest throughout the day.

Keep it simple or get as creative as you like…

Be a hipster?

You can add lemon or lime juice, defuse with some mint leaves, drink herbal teas or even have a splash of calorie free cordial.

The options are endless so do what ya gotta do to get it in!

2. Sleep- 40 winks 

We all know you feel amazing after a good deep kip but it’s also helping your fat burning ta’ boot.

When you sleep your body rest, recovers and repairs.

Me after 8 hours 🙂

You release human growth hormone which aids in building lean tissue and burning body fat. Yes please!

Everyone is different but you want to be hitting between 7-8 hours a night.

That is going to do your mind and bod the world of good!

Steps to a great snooze:

-Write tomorrows to-do list the night before

-Stop looking at screens for an hour before you go to bed

-Go to bed and wake up around the same time each day

-Sleep in a blacked out room or use an eye mask

-Focus on slow deep breathes to relax and drift off

3. Huge Salad- food hack

I learned this is amazing food hack years ago and have never looked back!

Ya see when you want to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit without exception.

That means reducing the amount you’ve been consuming, and having some tricks up your sleeve can make this process a lot easier. Even enjoyable!

Eating a huge salad before or with dinner is the best way to finish the day satisfied and not go to bed hungry.

Vitamins and minerals for days!

I personally chop up the head of a romaine lettuce, dice 4 tomatoes, do the same with a quarter of a cucumber and chuck in some chopped red onion.

Top that with some balsamic or apple cider vinegar and you’ve got a power hours of micronutrients, fibre and a fool proof way to end the day feeling full and happy.

It’s also so low in calories that it doesn’t even need to be tracked unlike 99% everything else.

**If you add oil to your salad this needs to be logged though**

4. Intermittent Fasting- say no to breakie 

Intermittent fasting or IF is something I’ve been doing since around 2010 and it’s a game changer!

You basically skip brekkie, drink lots of water and eat bigger and more satisfying meals later in the day!

‘Breakfast being the most important meal of the day’ is BS spun by cereal and food companies who want you eating more and therefore spending more!

Fasting lets you eat bigger meals later in the day! Yes please:)

Meal timing is irrelevant and what matters is how much food and therefore calories you’ve consumed before the day is out!

It even makes eating in a calorie deficit enjoyable! Yay:)

There are also some great tag along health benefits of IF such as increased Human Growth Hormone levels, body fat being being used as a fuel source and stable blood sugar and energy levels.

You don’t need food every 2-3 hours and you’re not gonna waste away or pass out because you didn’t eat in the morning.

And yes you can workout at early doors and still fast till the pm!

Push breakfast back til noon or later and see your life change! Thank me later 😉

5. Morning routine- wakey-wakey

Win the morning and win the day!

It’s saying I’ve gone by for quite a few years now.

You will see your productivity and adherence to actions that serve you shoot up when you hit a good morning routine.

Everyone is different so I think you should make your morning routine individual to you, but that being said check out mine and steal whatever you think can help you get off on the right foot.

6-7am: Wake Up! (That helps)

1. Half litre of lemon water and small cup of green tea

2. Dynamic stretching (5 mins of arm and leg swings)

3. Meditate and some yoga breathing exercises (15 mins of getting present yo)

4. Positive visualisation & gratitude prayer (2 mins of positive mental images and feeling grateful)

5. Cold shower (4 mins- not for the faint hearted but tons of health benefits)

** For more info on cold showers and cold therapy have a look here**

6. Accountability- grab ya bestie

Having accountability can make all the difference to getting your health and fitness goals done.

Research has proven that when we’ve agreed to complete actions with another or to report to someone compliance rates drastically increase.

In a perfect world you would all have are own private coach or trainer!

In reality that’s not possible for many so training or starting an eating approach such as tracking macros with a someone else is a great way to follow through.

It’s been shown to be even better when couples attack a fat loss and fitness goal as support goes up tenfold.

So either rope in your other half or best mate and hold each other accountable to increase your chances of the getting the job done and dusted.

You can connect and become friends on the Myfitnesspal or FitBit apps to see how you’re both getting on in the food and exercise department.

And even compete in a group to see who hit can come out on top each day!

Jeezzz talk about big brother mixed with competitiveness. Haha

7. Meditate- get spiritual Yo!

Meditation is such an integral part of my life that not a day goes by where I don’t try and quiet the mind even for a few mins.

Don’t get it twisted as I’m not a Buddhist monk just yet who sits in the lotus position for hours on end.

That being said even 5 mins in the morning, evening or both will have a profound effect on your life.

This looks just like me apart from the fact I’m a man and do this in my flat in south London…

Less anxiety, deeper sleep and becoming more present to the moment are just a few of the amazing benefits you expect if you keep up your daily mediation.

Easy Peasy Meditation Steps:

-Find a quiet spot and sit down.

-Set a timer on your phone for 5-10 mins

-Close your eyes and focus on your breath coming into your body, and then out of your body

-Let thoughts come and go without judgement

-Enjoy the NOW without worrying about the future or thinking about the past

-Open your eyes and smile:)

**A great book to go with your new found enlightenment is ‘The Power Of Now’.

8. Move Often- shake it all about

In this day and age too many of us are living sedentary lives with too little movement.

We drive to work, sit at a desk all day and come home and veg on the sofa all night.

Now if you’re working out regularly that’s great but you still need to be active as much as poss.

A good daily goal is to hit 10’000 steps a day.

An easy and effortless way to improve blood flow, work out the kinks in your joints and burn some extra calories.

You can log this on an activity tracker or even on your smartphone.

In fact, your iPhone or android is probably already counting them without you knowing. Go look Yo!

The health app in your iPhone will be logging them behind your back. Cheeky bugger!

Also move whenever possible!

If you’ve been sitting down for a while get up and stretch, dance or jump around.

Take the stairs at the station, walk to the shops and just get your bod up and out of that chair as much as possible:)

9. The Long Game- be an adult

We all wanted the million pounds in the bank, the dream forever home and supermodel body yesterday but that ain’t reality.

Great things in life require hard work, time and patience and grown ups understand that, children do NOT!

“Submit to patience” is a great phrase I came across last year and one I’m still struggling to implement but getting better with each passing day.

Listen to the Ancient Greeks! What a clever bunch:)

I never said I was perfect and also love the saying “teach what you need to learn” therefore I’m teaching this to you guys.

The path to success will be gritty, slow and have it’s fair share of ups and downs.

Stick the course and know that hard work in the right direction pays off!

Don’t be an infant in a big body…

You totes got this so just keep going!

10. Be happy- say cheese!

Easier said than done for many of us!

Work/life balance and a million other things can mean we are in a semi-permeant state of even low level stress.

A lot of the time this consists of us always trying to get to the future faster where we think happiness or something better lies.

In reality if you’re not happy right now and enjoying the present moment, it’s highly unlikely the future holds anything different for you.

Life’s short, be happy:)

Reading about practicing Buddhist meditation taught me many things but the main take away for me is “Everything is impermanent”.

Nothing last forever and that’s a great thing!

With that new found knowledge don’t waste your life being upset, down and in a negative state more often than not.

Of course life gets you down but you MUST realise it’s all fleeting.

Then you can enjoy the present moment more and even dance in the rain so to say.

Over 7 billion peeps on this rock and every one goes through struggle at some point in their live’s.

Be aware that your happiness is your responsibility and has nothing to do with anyone else.

Choose to be happy and then go do the things that make your soul buzz 🙂


Add those top 10 tips to a solid nutrition and exercise program and you’ll have a positive healthy mind and toned lean bod 🙂

If you’d like to transform your body from soft and weak to lean and strong then check out The Macro Lean 3-Month Fat Loss Coaching Program. Here you get personalised nutrition and fitness coaching that will empower you with results and knowledge that last a lifetime.


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