The Truth About Weight Loss Pills - (What Really Works)

The Truth About Weight Loss Pills

The Truth About Weight Loss Pills-

Weight loss pills and tablets are a highly searched topic online, and with so many people willing to hand over their hard earned cash there is an array of supplements to choose from.

This really highlights that humans hope fat loss lies in bottle, vitamin or supplement.

Do weight loss pills work?

Do weight loss pills work?

In this article I’m going to get into the truth about weight loss pills, and if there is any benefit from popping a few of these bad boys to help you shift some body fat?

We will look at:

-How They Work?

-How Weight Loss Occurs?

-Nutrition & Exercise For Weight Loss?

How Do Weight Loss Pills Work?

Weight loss pills claim to work in 3 ways:

1. They reduce your appetite meaning you consume less calories

2.They reduce absorption of energy (calories) so your body can’t store them

3. Increase your metabolism so you burn more calories

Do Weight Loss Pills Actually Work?

There are a ton of weight loss pills out there and if you’re wondering which one to get I can help you make an informed decision. NONE!

Nearly every weight loss pill on the market have ZERO data backing up their claims of helping you drop weight at all.

These companies prey on the masses wanting a quick fix to their problem and cash in with clever marketing.

In reality buying weight loss pills is as good as throwing your money down the drain.

Education is what you really need when it comes to losing body fat and getting lean.

Lucky for you we’re about to get into just that!

A weight loss pill is not going to lead to this unfortunately.

A pill is not going to lead to this unfortunately.

Fantasy is popping a weight loss pill and looking like a magazine cover model!

Reality is that there are a few different aspects you NEED to address to lose body fat once and for all!

“So are you telling me NONE of them work at all?”

Yup pretty much…

The best of a very bad bunch would probably be “Green tea extract” and “Caffeine”.

Independent studies have shown they can increase the metabolism slightly.

But, instead of wasting your money on pills that say they contain these ingredients just drink green tea or black coffee.

Instead of taking green tea and caffeine weight loss pills just drink it

Then you’ll get the benefits in their pure form and for a fraction of the cost than some over hyped BS tablet!

**That being said if you’re not doing the right things in the kitchen or gym green tea and caffeine aren’t doing anything for your waistline**

Other Weight Loss Supplements?

So you’re still clinging on to hope that some other supplement might be the real deal when it comes to weight loss?

You wish buddy! No potion, powder or pill is saving the say the day when it comes to getting lean and toned.

It’s going to require a plan of action, some work and consistency!

You need an action plan not weight loss pills

So let’s find out how to really do it!

How To Really Lose Weight:

To start seeing the scale slide south is going to require you addressing your nutrition, activity and energy output.

These two things are without doubt the only two powerhouses you need to focus on when it comes to changing your body.


What your eating, how much and the food groups you are consuming are vital to getting real world results.

It’s not as complicated or restrictive as many have made out over the years and you’re about to learn exactly what you need to do to change your bod for the better!

Nutrition is 100 times more important than weight loss pills


Calories are units of energy measured in food and drink. To lose weight you have to reduce the amount of calories you have been consuming.

This is called a calorie deficit and when this is done with consistency the body uses its fat stores as energy to make up the difference.

See my in depth post here on why calories matter and are the big picture in losing weight and body fat.


Once you know the calorie number you require for your weight loss goal, it’s not time to divide that number in to certain macronutrients.

Macronutrients or macros are Protein, Fat and Carbs.

You need all 3 in your diet as they have different benefits to the body.

For example protein helps maintain and build lean tissue such as muscle.

Fat helps with optimal hormone function and vitamin absorption

Carbs are converted to energy and power our brain.

Tracking macros is what it’s all about to get results! Eead everything you ever need to know on ‘How To Count Your Macros’.


Food choice is important when it comes to losing weight but it’s def not the be all end all!

As calories and macros are in every food these come first as shown above.

Once we have our daily targets though we can start looking at the types of foods to eat to make sure we hit these as best we can.

Learn about calories instead of taking weight loss pills

Eating whole foods is important but still not everything when it comes to weight loss.

A common mistake is just “eating clean” to lose weight and shed unwanted body fat.

Many still think they need to eat just so called clean foods and hey presto fat melts off!

Unfortunately they are way off the mark 🙁

As all foods contain calories any food can help or hinder your fat loss goal depending on the amount!

Learn about calories instead of taking weight loss pills

All foods have calories.

That being said I’d also advise someone to try to eat a diet that is in a 80/20 balance.

That means 80% of their calories are coming from whole natural sources such as lean cuts of protein, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, grains etc

The the other 20% can come from treat food or anything you enjoy.

As long as the foods fit into your daily numbers you can still make progress without feeling restricted or deprived.

This in turn will allow you to stick to your dieting approach and still make progress.

Sustainability is key to losing weight and we want to do it with the least amount of deprivation.

That’s why a flexible diet such as this works so well in the short and long term:)


Getting moving and doing regular and even daily activity is the second key to shifting those pounds, toning up and become a stronger version of yourself.

But should you be doing long runs, hitting your local aerobics class or trying to become a strong man?

Well, you’re about to find out…

Weight Training:

Doing weight or resistance training is going to give you the biggest bang for buck when getting lean.

As your calorie deficit number is taking care of your fat loss you now want to focus on exercise that is going to shape and tone your body.

This is done by putting your muscles through resistance training at least 3-4 times a week.

You can do this at home, in the park or in the gym.

By doing some type of resistance training you will transform your body and see it become stronger, leaner and all round secks-say 😛

Whether your’e a guy or gal, young or old resistance training is a must for not only looking good but tip top health!


Pounding the streets or treadmill isn’t necessary to losing weight and can actually lead to burn out and muscle wastage if overdone without the right amount of protein or caloires.

That being said if you can add a few sessions in here and there if you enjoy it or want to expend some more energy.

I look at cardio as a supplement to the meat and potatoes of weight loss which is always a calorie deficit and good resistance training program.

If you like it sprinkle some on top but just be aware this is not your first port of call:)

Other Activities:

Being active in general is always going to pay dividends and this means moving when you can.

My rule of thumb is getting in 10’000 steps each day in conjunction with your other training sessions.

This is an easy and non-taxing way to burn extra calories.

10'000 steps a day beats any weight loss pills

Walk as much as poss 🙂

I’d also advise doing things that you enjoy too such as hiking, bike riding dancing etc.

If you’re moving, having fun and burning calories you’re basically winning in life:)

How To Maintain Weight After Losing It?

Once you’ve got to where you want in regards to weight and body fat levels you now want to maintain your healthy lean bod!

Learning what to do here is paramount for long term success!

Otherwise you’ll join the yo-yo dieters club and this is never good for mind nor body!

To maintain your new shape you will want to eat the right amount of calories and the right amount of macros.

Calories over weight loss pills any day

This is called being at your calorie maintenance.

You’ll also want to keep up your training and activity as letting this slide will see you regress.

At least 3 resistance based workouts a week need to be factored into your weekly schedule.

How To Maintain Weight Loss Without Exercise?

Many people want to know how they can maintain their weight loss or slim bod without doing any exercise.

My advice for this is forget that notion!

Whatever your reason for trying to drop working out doesn’t cut it!

Staying active is a constant that you need in your life to maintain results.

As stated before without training and getting stimulus to your muscles there is no need for them to hang around.

This means you could sacrifice lean tissue and end up skinny fat which ain’t an attractive look yo.

Weight loss pills could make you skinny fat

Little muscle tone and high body fat? No thanks!

Keep up resistance training or if you really can’t stand that then find an activity you enjoy that still keeps you fit and challenges you.

If you’re really unwilling to do any of the above then you’re only other option is to be ok with not getting the best results.

Getting and staying lean requires the right amount of food and the correct training methods. Simple as that!


In a fantasy world weight loss pills would be the way to go to drop a few pounds and then keep it off.

In reality you need to address your nutrition, learn about calories and macros and get yourself in the gym at least 3 days a week.

Do that with consistency and you will save yourself the money you would of spent on wasted supplements.

You’ll also save yourself the time trying every quick fix on the market just to find none of them actually work and having to do it the proper way after all 🙁

I hope this article helped shine a light on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to weight loss and supplements:)


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