Weight Loss Tips Everyone Should Know (Step by Step)

Weight Loss Tips Everyone Should Know!

Weight Loss Tips Everyone Should Know!

There are certain weight loss tips everyone should know!

If you don’t have a grasp of the basics you could end up spinning your wheels for months, years or god forbid decades with no tangible results.

In fact these aren’t just tips, these are fundamental steps for you to lose weight, get lean and look great.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been around the weight loss block a few hundred times this article will straighten out what is what, minus all the BS!

Other articles I have come across have titles such as “75 best weight loss tips” or “12 must things to do to lose weight”.

Most of this is just fluffy advice that gives you no real direction putting more information into the noggin than needed. This causes more confusion which leads to no real action.

Jackie was confused until he found my weight loss tips

That ain’t cool yo and this article is going to have the steps laid out in plain English for you to absorb, understand and then apply to your life quickly and effectively.

To also clarify weight loss and fat loss will be interchangeably used within this article.

To many they are the same thing. Although that’s not completely true I’m not going to try and re-wire the brains of how the majority of people think 🙂

Nutrition For Weight Loss:

The first port of call for weight or fat loss is going to be looking at what is going on in the food department.

If you’ve tried to lose weight before without starting here then that’s what I’d call an ass backwards approach.

Nutrition is king for changing your body in any way so let’s straighten out the most important thing first before we get into the other deets!

1. Calories & Macronutrients

When it comes to losing weight and dropping fat you’ve been bombarded time and time again with the same old message about clean foods and junk foods.

Basically, “Don’t eat that, but eat this!”

Clean or junk food for weight loss?

Again this is approaching the problem backwards!

Yes, your food choices are important and we’ll get to that in just a sec, but what’s even more important than the exact thing that’s on your plate is the amount you’re consuming per day.


The first place to start is your caloric intake. Calories are units of energy measured in food and drink.

Your body needs a certain amount of calories each day to maintain it’s current composition and go about it’s business.

If you consistently over consume the amount your body needs you store body fat and gain weight.

All foods contain calories so this smashes the myth of just “eating clean” to drop weight.

If you just ate so called clean foods but over consumed which is known as being in a calorie surplus, the inevitable is happening whether you like it or not!

The scale is heading north my friend…

To make that scale go south you need to be in a calorie deficit which is consuming less calories than your body needs.

Because there is a deficit of calories the body will then make up the needed calories by taking energy from your body fat stores.

Calorie deficit is all that matters in weight loss

If you tried any diet before and got results it’s because you created a calorie deficit plain and simple!

No food or eating approach makes you shed fat magically.

It’s the amount of calories going in vs the amount that’s going out as shown HERE by geeks and their scientific research.

Until you accept this concept and leave behind the “good foods vs bad foods” arguments, you’ll never be in control of how to change your body for the better with long term sustainable results.

The bottom line is find out how many calories you need to start losing body fat and then hit that amount everyday.


Calories are the big picture as they show us the amount of energy we need.

Next comes macronutrients AKA: macros and make up all the calories you consume.

There are 3 Macros which need a brief overview.

Protein which helps us build and maintain muscle, Carbs that give us energy and Fat that helps with proper hormone function.

Tracking macros for weight loss

You need all of them! Your calorie deficit number for fat loss needs to be divided between these 3 macros for the best results.

If you just count calories you can lose weight, but there’s a big caveat.

Most people will fill that calorie number with just fat and carbs which is easy…

You can eat this and still have weight loss

You could eat this in a calorie deficit and lose weight. But not ideal…

Although the scale might be sliding south the weight your losing is most likely muscle due to insufficient protein.

These kind of results wouldn’t be what you’re really after…

Unless you want to be skinny fat, soft and doughy???… Nah didn’t think so!

So, you want to have a good amount of protein, fat and carbs and these are easily tracked on your smartphone using a free app called Myfitnesspal for amazing results which means lean, toned and strong:)

The best app for weight loss

Check out my all you need resource on ‘How To Count Your Macros’  and find out why this will always trump just counting calories!

2. Foods

The foods you eat are important but not as important as you’ve been told for years.

As you already know it’s about the amount. I.e calories and macros to change your body.

Any food can make you fat or thin depending on the amount!

Now being clever with your food choices is going to benefit you ten fold.

All those peeps preaching eat clean weren’t exactly wrong pe say… Just a little off the mark!

The term clean eating is also a bit of a myth because who is defining what is clean and what’s not?

So I prefer to call them whole foods. Basically, foods that are either non or minimally processed.

Examples of these are lean cuts of meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, grains etc.

Are whole foods best for weight loss?

These foods should make up the majority of what you eat. I’d suggest at least 70-80%.

First off, they are going to have more food volume for the same or even less calories compared to more processed foods.

As a comparison let’s say we have a chocolate bar that is 300 calories, and a serving of baked sweet potato that is also 300 calories.

Which one do you think would have more food volume and therefore make you feel more satisfied?

Chocolate and weight loss?

Hopefully you picked the latter because ya its the sweet potato Einstein 😛

Another benefit for choosing whole foods is that they come along with more micronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Although these have no effect on your weight or body fat, the body needs them to run optimally and be healthy so getting them in is a must.

The sweet potato is going to have a nice serving of these micros and vitamins. The chocy bar is not!

Sweet potato and weight loss?

That still doesn’t mean you can never have chocolate or pizza or whatever you want…

You can as long as it fits your calorie and macros numbers you’re good.

But, by trying to make sure the majority of your foods come from whole natural sources is the best bet for your health in the long run.

3. Meal Timing

When you eat your meals or snacks is super easy…

Meal timing for weight loss?

You eat whenever you feel like it or want to.

Myths have been floating around for years that “you can’t miss breakfast” or you go into starvation mode making you hold on to body fat…

Or “you can’t have carbs after 6pm” because your body can’t handle it!

These are all nothing more than myths. Your body doesn’t care what time you eat. It cares how much you eat. See the science on it HERE

If you like 6 small meals a day then cool, or if you like 2 huge meals a day then do that.

Meal timing is irrelevant because it’s the amount you consume at the end of the day.

Eat when you want and make if fit your lifestyle!

4. Water

Most people are not drinking enough water and being dehydrated is never going to be a good thing when trying to change your body.

If your cells aren’t full of water then they can’t do their job properly which in this case is burn fat.

How do you fix this? Drink more water obvs!

Men should be hitting about 3-3.5 litters and Women around 2-3 litres per day.

Get it in anyway you like but don’t forget to drink all day and then start water boarding at 7 pm otherwise you’ll spend most of the night in and out of the toilet.

That ain’t good for your beauty sleep 😉


-Finding out the right calorie deficit number and then tracking your macronutrients is the game changer here for getting lean.

-You want to try and make sure 80% of your food choices are whole natural sources but you can factor in some treat or junk food given it fits your numbers .

-Eat when you want and make it fit your life instead of worrying about having to eat at certain times which can cause unnecessary stress.

-Drink lots of water throughout the day to make sure your bod is properly hydrated and running smoothly.

Do those things and your muffin top don’t stand a chance:)


Doing exercise and activity is a big part of getting leaner and losing body fat.

Unfortunately a lot of people go to this first before addressing nutrition and never get near the results they want.

They think about just burning calories in the gym but the calorie deficit in your diet will really take care of that.

Working out shouldn’t be approached as the way to “burn fat”…

Weight loss and burning body fat

On your quest for changing your body some forms of exercise are going to give you the best return on your investment so let’s look at them.

Resistance Training:

Doing some form of resistance training is going to be the best way to tone your body which I’m sure is what everyone reading this wants…

Soft and week ain’t sexy!

Lifting weights or using your own body weight to put your muscles through resistance is a must for getting lean, toned and strong.

There is still a large percentage of women that are scared of doing weight training in case they turn around and they’ve transformed into the hulk.

It ain’t happening gurl-friend! Get over it!

This is impossible for a number of reasons…

Women don’t have the hormones necessary to build large amounts of muscle.

To even get anywhere near muscular would require daily body building style workouts in conjunction with eating tons of food.

As you’ll be doing none of the above you’ll be just fine sister.

The short of it is everyone needs to be doing resistance training!

The only thing that will be growing at a rapid rate is your confidence when you catch sight of your sexier bod in the mirror!

Below are some examples of a few must do resistance exercises.


This used to be everyone’s fav go-to mode of exercise when trying to get lean.

As a lot of people found out they ended up spinning their wheels and getting nowhere 😛

Too much cardio without the proper nutrition will lead to burning through muscle which is the last thing we want.

Our mission in a fat loss phase is to hold on to muscle and shed fat.

Over doing the cardio does the opposite of this!

Yes, cardio can be used to expend some more energy. i.e calories but it most definitely is NOT the first stop on the quest for weight loss.

Calorie deficit and macros come first, resistance training comes after and if you’d like to throw in some cardio as a supplement to that then cool.

But that’s all cardio should be when trying to lose weight and body fat! A supplement to your nutrition and resistance training.

“But what about HIIT training? I heard it burns tons of calories?”

Nope! Burning calories is burning calories and HIIT was over hyped in the past decade.

If you burn 200 calories from HIIT and 200 from uphill walking guess what? You got it! You just burned 200 calories.

HIIT does NOT super charge your metabolism and make you a fat burning furnace for days!

Like all exercise your metabolism is raised during any activity but returns to it’s base level very quickly once done. HIIT is no different!

Abdominal and Core Training:

Im only going to briefly address this as a lot of people are still away with the fairies and under the idea doing lots of crunches or sit ups is helping them lose their belly! It is not!

Ab training and weight loss?

You don’t even need to start working the abs unless you have a low body fat percentage.

Focus on the above steps and save the ab work till later in the game.


The trillion dollar supplement industry needs a mention when it comes to losing weight, getting lean and shedding body fat because to many it’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

Humans always want to reach for the quick fix, avoid the hard work and natural time it takes to get results in life. Getting in shape is no different!

Weight loss pills and supplements?

When it comes to supplements the bottom line is they are mostly useless unless you have your diet and training in order.

No pill, powder or potion is going to see you easily transition from fat and sick, to lean and healthy.

It’s fantasy and the sooner you wake up to it, the sooner you can change your body properly.

The supplement industry plays on all the emotional hot buttons of the public and offers you the moon on a stick if you just keep handing over your hard earned cash.

Wake up and don’t be one of the many who is getting taken for a ride and literally throwing money down the drain.

The only supplement you may need for losing weight would be a protein supplement such as protein powder.

Most people are under consuming on protein!

When they find out how much they should be eating it comes as quite a shock and effort to munch tons of chicken, tuna and other high protein foods.

In this case a quality protein powder can be added to smoothies or foods like oatmeal to help make hitting your protein target easier.

protein powder for weight loss

Protein supplements are no magic bullet but just allow you to hit your protein goal with more ease therefore allowing you to maintain muscle in your fat loss phase.

The bottom line is If you can hit your protein goal through whole foods then do that.

If you struggle than maybe add in some protein supplements. They are not needed but can make life a little easier. That’s it!


Q: What’s The Deal With Alcohol & Weight Loss?

A: Technically not a macronutrient as it provides no nutrients, alcohol does however carry 7 calories per gram. Alcohol is a toxin to the body, so it will burn it off first before anything else to eliminate it as quickly as possible. Bad news for fat burning!

Other downsides include messing with are hormones and increasing appetite. My recommendation would be limiting consumption to a couple of drinks a week. Wine or straight spirits would be the best options with no calorie mixers e.g. diet cola. However, you’ll achieve the best results from if you eliminate it completely.

If you’re gonna have a few drinks keep the carbs low on that day to balance out the extra calorie intake. Whose gotcha back!!??

Q: Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

A: NO! As stated earlier in the article meal timing is irrelevant. Skipping breakfast and following an intermittent fasting protocol is a great way to stay within your calorie deficit number with quite a few tag along benefits such as increased human growth hormone and using body fat for fuel in the fasted state.

Your metabolism also does NOT slow down or go into the “Starvation Mode” as touted by many so called fitness Goo-roos! See the research HERE!

If you like breakie and can stay within your calorie number cool do that!

If you find it harder to stick within your numbers then try fasting and enjoy bigger and larger meals later in the day. Easy:)

Q: How Long Will It Take Me To See Results?

A: Pretty sharpish! If you get your calories and macros in check and you should start to see progress within the first week or two.

This is not a quick fix and you need to be tracking a few metrics such as weight, measurements and photos.

-Weight can be done once a week and you’re looking for around 1-2lbs loss a week.

-Measurements should be done every 2 weeks and decreases will give you a nod if all is well.

-Photos should be done once a month in the same lighting to see side by side comparisons

That’s all she wrote…

The above steps are the most important and effective ways to lose weight, shed unwanted body fat and get lean.

This has worked for hundreds of my clients and will work for you if you’re willing to put the work in and do it the proper way.

Follow it to the letter, be consistent and change your body and therefore life:)

Good Luck!

Your Coach Matt

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